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Let's play the Where's? game!
Where is Don Savage? I know he was coaching at Dunwoody, where is he now?
Last Post: Sep 2nd 2009
Author: fivepaxtons
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Old Memories of High School... Scary and Funny
The first thing I remember about Dunwoody High was getting five days detention my very first day of High School. What an ignominious start! What scared me most about school was Principal Osborne...
Last Post: Sep 2nd 2009
Author: wolfmoon
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Dunwoody Country Club
Hey, saw where we are having the Saturday event at DCC, which is great. They don't keep files or surveillance film or a do not admit list for more than 25 years, do they?? Nobody works there that was...
Last Post: Mar 27th 2009
Author: MikeD
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Spring Break
Alright - I will be the first to reminisce. I still laugh when I think about our senior year and spring break at Daytona Beach. Mark Brown and Todd Rampley had a mutilated fish in the pool swinging...
Last Post: Mar 15th 2009
Author: SCmom
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remember Guttery's green pickup.....does anyone still have their old car from high school? (-:
Last Post: Mar 14th 2009
Author: jillmorrisey
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